I have been grateful to receive the endorsement of the following organizations and people:

National Women's Political Caucus - WA
32nd District Democrats
46th District Democrats

Elected Officials
Mona Das, State Senator 47th LD
Betsy Robertson, Shoreline City Council
Semra Riddle, Lake Forest Park City Council
Phillippa Kassover, Lake Forest Park City Council

Kate Beck, Shoreline Resident & Community Activist
Naomi Hillyard, Former Meridian Park PTSA President
April & Dave Ingle, Parents in Shoreline
Julie Ricketts, Founder & Lead Organizer of Code Blue WA
Summer Stinson, Founder of Washington's Paramount Duty

If you would like to add your name to this list in endorsement of my candidacy, contact me at sara@sara4shorelineschools.com

*As this position is non-partisan, I have reached out to all the political party organizations in the two Legislative Districts which serve our school district. I have only received response from the District Democrats, but am hopeful to be able to have the same conversation with all political organizations that are in our area.