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Shoreline School Board Director, District 5

Listening, learning, and working to improve student experience, engagement, and outcomes in every Shoreline school.

It has been an absolute honor to serve our community during some of our district’s biggest challenges as well as important moments of progress. Through the past four years I’ve worked to learn the legal, financial, contractual, and organizational structures that guide, direct, and constrain how our district works. 

We have important work ahead as we continue to navigate the personal and academic impacts from the pandemic alongside ongoing budget challenges.


I’m committed to listening to and partnering with students, families, staff, and community to create a shared way forward with clear guidance, communication, and accountability. I would be grateful for your vote to continue serving you on the Board.


First Term Report

​There was no way to know, or even imagine, four years ago the immense challenges our board and community, all of public education, our state and country, and the entire world would endure; and yet our board has approached this time of service in the same way I promised I would work towards:

  • with a commitment to being in relationship, and increasing connection with, our school community;

  • expanding awareness of, access to, and education around the work of the board;

  • seeking input from, listening to, and representing community concerns as a part of decision making,
    with a focus on students and families who have been historically silenced, excluded, or unheard;

  • engaging in deep learning around the many systems that make our district work;

  • recognizing and working to support the diversity of needs of our students;

  • understanding and supporting the work of our talented, dedicated, and caring educators and staff;

  • advocating for ways to address the funding and policy gaps that persist;

  • and being transparent and accountable in both public meeting and private conversation.


During this time of service I have been proud of the work we have done around...

Advancing Inclusion, Belonging, and Representation in our District by Collaborating on and Passing:

  • Anti-Racism Resolution

  • Ethnic Studies & Since Time Immemorial Resolution

  • Gender Inclusive Schools Policy

  • Special Education Vision and Guiding Principles

  • Expanding Student Voice in Governance & Decision Making

Improving Access to, Engagement with, and Effectiveness of the Board through:

  • Hybrid Meetings with Pre-meeting, In Person, and Virtual Public Comment Opportunities

  • Student Listening Sessions

  • Full Information on Upcoming & Recent Board Meeting Agendas, Decisions, and Ways to Engage in the Weekly District-Wide Emails

  • Board Operating Principles

  • Annual Board Evaluation

  • Policy and Communication Committees


Supporting Academic Growth and Educational Equity through:

  • District Wide Grade-Level Curriculum Alignment

  • Equitable Literacy Practices

  • Equitable Grading Practices

  • Dual Language and AVID Programs

  • Equity Leads in Every Building Team

  • Outcomes Based School Improvement Plans (SIPs)

Advancing Legislative Advocacy at the Local, County, State, and Federal Levels through:

  • Establishing Relationships with Elected Officials for our District

  • Annual Legislative Priorities

  • Active Participation in WA State Legislative Session

  • Sharing District Data and Policy/Funding Needs with Legislators and Decision Makers

  • Joint Meetings with City Councils

  • Collaboration with Other Boards Across WA on Shared Priorities

  • Participation in WSSDA Process

Moving Forward

As we move forward together, these shared priorities and focuses will guide my work and decision-making as a member of the Board.

Student Voices & Outcomes

Listening to those most impacted to understand their experience and focusing on eliminating disparities in student outcomes.

Comprehensive Safety & Care

Prioritizing best practices that will provide physical, emotional, and psychological safety of all students in all aspects of our schools.

Access & Engagement

Continuing to expand access to, clarity of, and engagement with the work of the board to build trust, represent it all fully, and be accountable. 

Inclusion & Belonging

Supporting our district in being a place where our diverse and vibrant school community lives, learns, and thrives together now and always.

Relationship & Collaboration

Centering policy and practices that support healthy student, staff, family, board, and community relationship and collaboration. 

Budget Health

Navigating the structural budget shortfall to realign our expenses with our revenue for an ongoing, sustainable, healthy budget.

Policy Modernization

Revisiting and updating our full policy manual to ensure our district guiding documents reflect our shared vision and adhere to current law.

Legislative Advocacy

Continuing ongoing relationships and advocacy with state and federal officials to support improved policy and full funding for our schools.


Learning about effective board governance and best practices to improve student experiences and outcomes over the past four years, one thing which is regularly shown as a key factor in districts making progress toward shared goals is a community co-devised district-wide strategic plan.

A plan provides clear direction on the many decisions a board, superintendent, and administration face in putting into place the budget, staffing, programs, and services that will fulfill the district's vision.

With work already done to create the district's Instructional Strategic Plan and Race & Equity Policy, Shoreline is ready to come together to create a new strategic plan that will guide our next 3-5 years.

Moving forward with a community engaged strategic planning process is one of my key priorities.


I have been grateful to receive the following endorsements for my re-election:


Rep. Cindy Ryu, 32nd LD

Rep. Lauren Davis, 32nd LD


Keith Scully, Shoreline City Mayor & Councilmember

Phillippa Kassover, Lake Forest Park City Council Vice Chair

Semra Riddle, Lake Forest Park Councilmember



Liza Rankin, Seattle School Board Vice President

Luckisha Phillips, Federal Way School Board

Carin Chase, Edmonds School Board


I Want to Hear From You!

If you are a Shoreline Schools student, family, or community member, I am eager to hear about your experiences, priorities, and hopes for Shoreline Schools. Please use whichever way is best for you and I look forward to hearing from you!




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