Transparency ~ Inclusion ~ Equity ~ Accountability

Sara BetnelAs the mother of two elementary age children, I know that being involved with our children's education is one of the most important ways we help them become their best selves.

As an educator, I know no two students are identical. Ensuring that every student’s diversity of needs is recognized and supported is how we fulfill our commitment to every student’s success.

As an advocate for both Shoreline Schools and public schools across our state, I know how our District and state still faces many disparities when serving students of color, students with special needs, LGBTQ+ students, students experiencing homelessness or poverty, and immigrant students; as well as others who are being under-served without necessarily being visibly in need.


As a board member, I will:

- Seek to improve transparency and knowledge of decisions being made for all involved;
- Engage students, families, educators, and the community to help everyone have a say and be considered;
- Work to close the gap between policy and practice to make our schools equitable and inclusive in all areas; and 
- Responsibly care for our community’s financial and environmental resources so
our students and community thrive and succeed together.

I Want to Hear From You!

If you are a student, parent, or Shoreline Schools community member, I am eager to hear about your experiences, priorities, and hopes for Shoreline Schools. Please use whichever way is best for you and I look forward to hearing from you!


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